Animal Pandemonium

"...If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages
Think of all the things we could discuss
If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals,
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us."

~ Dr. Doolittle


Cats are literally the cutest nerds ever

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scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 

if a time comes that I do not reblog this photo it will be because I am 6 feet underground 


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This Dog’s Road Trip

This Dog’s Road Trip

When you go to sneez

When you go to sneez

Do you think this pa

Do you think this pa


"Frank likes to pretend he’s a dragon." -yellowben



Chinchilla Victimized by iCloud Hack

by Scott Friedstein, FluffPo Correspondent

According to reports, a compromising picture of Mabel the chinchilla was recently leaked to the web. The actress and singer is the latest celebrity to be impacted by malicious hackers taking advantage of security flaws in Apple’s iCloud service. 

"She’s usually very discreet about the pictures she puts in the cloud," says friend Heather Warner. "Like anyone, she understands the inherent risks of outsourcing data storage."

While Mabel has not commented publicly on the matter, she has released a series of tweets slyly alluding to the leak. 

"It was such a blatant invasion of privacy," says Warner. "No one needs to know what color her bathroom tiles are."

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